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Botanical Garden Development and Management Training Course [19/03/23]
Successful completion of international training workshop “Botanical Garden Development and Management” [18/09/20]
A Global Checklist of Botanic Gardens and Arboreta [18/07/12]
The 14th General Meeting of International Association of Botanic Gardens held in Shenzhen, China (09/08) [18/01/31]
New Council Board elected for 2017-2023 [18/01/31]
Shenzhen International Award in Plant Sciences Calls for Nominations [17/05/24]
The 14th General Meeting of International Association of Botanic Gardens [17/04/20]
"Botanical Garden Development and Management" Training Course [17/04/20]
IABG 2017 Ballot for Election of Officers and Council [17/04/19]
IABG call for nominations of officers and council members [16/12/25]
NOTICE “Botanical Garden Development and Management”Training Course [16/05/13]
The Annual Meeting of IABG Asian Division 2015 in Shanghai China [15/10/18]
Encyclopedia of China Garden Flora (Vol. I) is officially published by Science Press [15/10/16]
Missouri Botanical Garden Project Named “Best Learning Game” at Boston Festival of Indie Games [15/10/09]
Molecular Mechanism of Plant Color Change [15/09/10]
Leafsnap App Adds More Species [15/09/01]
A Fresh Look at Forage Grasses Reveals New Discoveries [15/08/24]
XIX International Botanical Congress 2017 in Shenzhen China [15/08/20]
Identification of four genes related with agronomic traits of rice [15/08/19]
Botany 2016 by Botanical Society of America [15/07/15]
29th International Horticultural Congress [15/04/15]
6th Asian Pteridological Symposium [15/04/15]
First Announcement of Joint 5th Conference of IABG Asian Division and EABGN Meeting [15/04/15]
International Rhododendron Species Conservation Conference [15/04/15]
2nd International Symposium of Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden [15/04/15]
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